Guide and Tips

How to order easily from Gift’s frame?

You need to create an account for buying from gift’s frame. We want to
avoid (identity theft) a situation where someone uses your email id &
phone number to send gifts to someone unnecessary who may not be
aware that it is not you who is sending those gifts to him/her. They may
think that you are harassing or stalking them. Such fraud cases are

In addition, having a valid account allows us to store your information &
preferences properly and customize our services to suit your requirements.
Having a proper account at Gift’s Frame comes in very handy when you
want to save multiple delivery addresses, pay through Gift’s frame gift
vouchers (GVs), use customer-specific promotional discounts and save your
delivery preferences. It also helps you manage the order history that will
give you full details of your all purchases, returns and exchange

Can I modify my order after I have placed it on Gift’sframes?

There are only a few changes that you can make once you have placed an
order on Gift’sframe, depending on how soon you inform us for doing
modifications. We generally process all our orders instantly. Once the
orders are processed, it’s rarely changed. In general, we can make some
of these changes if you inform us quickly:

  • a.Name of recipient
  • b.Message to the recipient –
  • c.Tentative date of delivery

Changing the address of delivery is a big hassle because we work with
multiple delivery partners. Hence, if you have provided the wrong
address, we would suggest to inform us as soon as possible for editing the

address. Once your order dispatched, we will not be able to change the
delivery address.

For any modifications to your order, please call us at the earliest on our
customer care at (631) 709-8066 Monday to Saturday between 9 am to
7 pm. You can also write to us at